High Efficiency Fixed-Head Probing systems

Tooling configurations used on fixed-head probe systems provide great flexibility in the type of products that can be measured due to their allowance of using longer and heavier probe configurations. However, these configurations often require more complex assemblies which are “built-up” using many standard components which are screwed together to achieve the alignments needed to measure necessary features. Some of the challenges with these assemblies include the following:

  • Higher Cost – More styli and components are generally needed.
  • Longer Cycle Time – Multiple probe changes are often needed.
  • Difficult Assembly – aligning styli to proper angles, especially for compound angle holes, can be a time consuming and difficult challenge.
  • Tough Maintainability – Components may rotate or loosen over time or after accidental collisions.
What Not To Do: Styli Configuration

Configurations like the one shown above, which have multiple parts, can be difficult to assemble, tough to maintain, and are generally more expensive than a customized solution.