Design Your Own Custom Solutions

The extensive itpstyli product line will address many of your application needs - but not all of them. As such, itpstyli has developed business and manufacturing processes to make it easy and affordable for you to design and receive your custom stylus.

Your design will fall into one of two categories: special or exotic. A special design is a unique configuration that utilizes standard components, such as M2 thread, titanium base, ceramic stem and a ruby ball. The dimensional requirements and combination of materials are what make it special.


An exotic design is one that has a component or feature that cannot be found in our catalog, such as a 0.2 mm ruby ball attached to a 7 mm stem and base. Cost and turnaround time:

  • Special styli will ship within 72 hours from receipt of order and your cost will be reasonably similar to that of the closest item that we offer in our standard line.
  • Exotic styli, which require more time to determine manufacturing cost and delivery time, will be quoted within 48 hours.

In either case, special or exotic, simply click

Design Your Own , complete the specification information, and we will respond accordingly.