ULTRA and Temp--Comp: Constant Length at Varying Temperatures

Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) are increasingly being used directly in the production area, thus reducing and eliminating delays in obtaining corrective values for production machines while making process control more efficient.

However, in order to obtain maximum performance in shop floor measurements, several challenging requirements must be met:

  • Minimize thermal expansion to preserve accuracy, especially at high temperature gradients on the manufacturing floor.
  • High mechanical rigidity which has a decisive influence on the accuracy of the measurement.
  • Low weight enabling usage of long stylus combinations.


itpstyli manufactures a new generation of carbon fiber styli and extensions to help obtain accurate measurement in your production area. Engineered to meet the harsh environments of space and aviation, ULTRA extensions and Temp-Comp styli addresses the thermal expansion, rigidity, and low weight requirements needed to obtain accurate measurements.

Initially developed for aerospace applications, unique carbon fiber materials are used in Temp-Comp styli and ULTRA extensions. These carbon fibers are coiled at high density, in several layers and directions, which allows for exceptionally high bending and torsion rigidity.

Most importantly, this technology provides a consistent thermal expansion coefficient.

Temp-Comp and ULTRA products combine titanium fittings and a proprietary manufacturing technology that produces a thermally stable and rigid component unmatched in the CMM metrology market.